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Our Programs


My team and I are committed to helping you - as an author, teacher or expert in your field - build truly engaging and transformative online learning programs that allow you to bring your message, your vision and teachings, to a global audience.

We make creating a first-class online course really easy for you. We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, a proven and comprehensive Course Development System that will guide you through the creation of a new online learning curriculum or an individual online course. We have fine-tuned this model through working with some of the most well-known authors and teachers on the planet.

Personalized 1-1 Platinum Coaching Program

We work intelligently and diligently with you to extract your expertise, your genius, and put it into a well-crafted online course (or series of courses) — from the upfront visioning and content development of the program, to the marketing and promotion, to the best technology to use, and the production and running of the course for your participants.

These are the 3 core principles that we work by: 

  •  Focus on building highly-engaging, transformative learning experiences
  •  Uncover the most compelling content and teaching genius for the greatest impact
  •  Get it right the first time and build high-quality programs that LAST
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Online Training Offerings


We walk our talk by creating our OWN online programs that engage, inspire and transform our participants. We produce online learning programs for the public in the areas of online course development, growing online learning communities, finding your purpose, and cultivating authentic leadership. Here are the programs that we’ve developed...

Launch Academy

Create and Launch Your Online Course to Grow Your Impact & Your Income

An 8-Module LIVE Training Program to support you in creating, marketing and launching your “A-Level” online course to a global audience.

Discover a proven step-by-step system for launching your profitable and transformative online course while sharing your message authentically and staying true to your values.

This premier training provides all of your learning materials includes 24 teaching and tutorial videos (3 per module), the Launch Toolkit (copy samples, templates, worksheets, Master Dashboard, etc.), live Inner Circle group coaching calls with Chris on Zoom twice per month, Expert Faculty sessions, and a Bonus Package that provides key support for your launch.

You will be joining other aspiring online teachers and change makers, along with Chris Kyle and his team, to build out your online learning platform. 

Go to the Course Information page to learn more about the program and register. Make this year be the one where you take your teaching and your business to the next level by offering transformative and lucrative online courses.


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The Inner Circle 

Leverage Expert Support and Connections with Other Creators to Ensure a Successful Launch

The Inner Circle is a LIVE online group coaching program of like minded change-makers and creators led by Chris Kyle, founder of Launch Academy. You’ll receive teaching, coaching, mindset tips and best practices from Chris twice a month. Inner Circle participants also provide mastermind insights and ideas on the Zoom calls. Here is what is included in the Inner Circle:

  • Two 90-minute calls per month on Zoom with Chris Kyle, where he’ll be coaching and answering your questions. There will be masterminding opportunities with other participants as well. 
  • A ‘'Course Creators Tip” that Chris will teach at the start of the call.
  • Access to ALL the recordings of the Inner Circle calls (in the Inner Circle site).
  • Access to other special discounts on future products and programs.    
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