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I’m Chris Kyle, the creator of Launch Academy and the Power of Purpose Global Summit… and I’m passionate about helping teachers, authors and mission-driven organizations build transformative online learning programs and global learning communities that inspire, engage and unite people across cultures. My coaching and training programs have helped a wide variety of aspiring ‘global messengers’ create highly successful and engaging online learning programs while expanding their reach around the world. Along the way I’ve coached and helped all kinds of experts including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Arielle Ford, Terry Patten, Shakti Malan, Susan Bratton...and organizations such as San Francisco Zen Center, Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and Thrive Academy. But what excites me most is helping the up and coming teachers that have a powerful message to share with the world (that’s you)… bringing all of us change agents together in community to make a HUGE difference on our planet.

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For most of my life I’ve struggled with, or pushed up against, what was expected of me as a man in our culture. Early on I bought the messages that a ‘Successful Man’ drove almost exclusively toward money, power and position. He conquered this, dominated that, controlled this and built that.

Purpose Block #3: The Distraction Vortex

Thursday, 18 February 2016 by

Now it’s time to explore the third of the 3 Purpose Blocks. Purpose Block #3 is The Distraction Vortex. In our modern, media-saturated and technology-driven culture we have a never-ending list of things we can do in our daily lives to keep us busy and our schedules extremely full.

Purpose Block #2: Your Doubting Voice

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 by

As we move further along our purpose journey path we’re likely to run into the second purpose block: The Doubting Voice. This Doubting Voice inside you might sound like this: Do you really think you can live your purpose — what about making enough money for the family?

The challenge I see constantly with people who want clarity of purpose, or want to bring more energy or focus to it, is that there’s at least one BIG block (if not several) in their life that’s keeping them from being fully engaged and lit up by their purpose. I’d like to share with you the top 3 Purpose Blocks that I’ve discovered …