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I'm Chris Kyle, Founder & CEO

I’m passionate about helping coaches, teachers, authors, speakers and mission-driven organizations launch transformative online learning programs that inspire, engage and unite people across cultures.

 As an educator, business coach and eLearning expert, I’m dedicated to empowering course creators to light up the world with their they can impact more lives and make a great living doing it.

My coaching and training programs have helped a wide variety of aspiring ‘global messengers’ create highly successful and engaging online programs while expanding their reach and impact around the world.

 Along the way I’ve coached and advised a wide variety of globally-known teachers with their online programs including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Dr. John Gray, Arielle Ford, Terry Patten, Linda Fitch, Robert Augustus Masters and Dr. Cindy McGovern…to name just a few… And organizations such as San Francisco Zen Center, Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Thrive Academy and Meridian University.

But what excites me the most is helping up-and-coming visionary teachers and change agents – people just like you – to bring their powerful message to the wider world…to craft their powerful online programs and successfully launch it to raving-fan students.  

Our Offerings to Support You...

Launch Academy Training Program

Our flagship online training program, Launch Academy, guides you through a proven Course Launch System for building, marketing, and launching your “A-Level” online program. You’ll move through an 8-module step-by-step process which provides you everything you need to know to launch transformative AND profitable online courses.



Coaching & Consulting

We offer a 1–1 Platinum Coaching Program to support and guide you through the course creation and launch process in a personalized way. It’s a done-with-you approach that can get you to launch more quickly. We also provide add-on coaching services for Launch Academy students to help them move through the course development process with greater ease and efficiency.



The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a LIVE online group coaching program of like minded change-makers and creators led by Chris Kyle, founder of Launch Academy. You’ll receive teaching, coaching, mindset tips and best practices from Chris twice a month. Inner Circle participants also provide mastermind insights and ideas to each other on these Zoom calls for collaborative support in scaling your business. 



Create and Launch Your Online Course to Grow Your Impact & Your Income.

Discover a proven step-by-step system for launching your profitable, "A-Level" online course while sharing your message authentically and stying true to your values.


What People Are Saying About Our Programs...

“Chris and his team offered the whole process from course creation to manifestation with deep marketing expertise, an authentic sensitivity to the ethics of my market, and superb help with all of the technology and its integration. I literally could never have done this in this way without Chris’s expertise. And the success of my first online offering – with 220 participants from around the world and $65,340 in revenue – makes it all that much sweeter.”

Christina Pratt, Founder of the Last Mask Center

“I'd been teaching courses in person for many years and was ready to add teaching online, but found the prospect overwhelming. In Launch Academy, Chris walks you through the entire process, step-by-step. I followed all the steps and had a big, successful launch: 91 students and revenues over $26,000. And now I have a template for how to turn my knowledge into income for the rest of my life. I'm very careful about what I recommend to my students, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Launch Academy.”

Steven Kessler, Therapist & Bestselling Author of The 5 Personality Patterns

“Thanks to awesome YOU and Launch Academy, I now have two highly successful online training programs which I plan to repeat yearly: my 7-week Afterlife Communication course and my Reiki Immersion online program. I had 53 participants in my first ADC course with revenue of $16,000, and 90 people in my first Reiki Immersion course and $26,500 in revenue.You’re wonderful!”

Rebecca Austill-Clausen, MS, Founder of Complementary Health Works