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Create Your Online Learning Platform…Grow Your Global Community

My team and I are committed to helping you — as an author, teacher or expert in your field — build truly engaging and transformative online learning programs that allow you to bring your message, your vision and teachings, to a global audience.

We make creating a first-class online course really easy for you. We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, a proven and comprehensive Course Development System that will guide you through the creation of a new online learning curriculum or an individual online course. We have fine-tuned this model through working with some of the most well-known authors and teachers on the planet.

Our Personalized Consulting Program

We work intelligently and diligently with you to extract your expertise, your genius, and put it into a well-crafted online course (or series of courses) — from the upfront visioning and content development of the program, to the marketing and promotion, to the best technology to use, and the production and running of the course for your participants. These are the 3 core principles that we work by:

  • Focus on building highly-engaging, transformative learning experiences
  • Uncover the most compelling content and teaching genius for the greatest impact
  • Get it right the first time and build high-quality programs that LAST


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Our unique Course Development Process gives you the greatest potential for success.

We always begin with the end in mind: what transformation do you want your participants to have within the content that you’re teaching and the timeframe of the course.

We have created a unique online course development model, which we call the The Course Development Framework. This is our starting point for the creation of an online learning curriculum or a single multi-week course.

We focus on the “Especially For” audience for your teaching/learning content — or what we call your “avatar” for your online programs. We move you through a process by which you uncover the most effective way to create a transformative learning program for your avatar — weaving in both the best way to communicate with them and the shaping of the content to focus on providing clear solutions to the specific problems that your avatar is facing.

The Course Development Framework along with our Authentic Messaging Blueprint provides you with a clear roadmap of how to best develop, market and deliver the online learning programs that will have the greatest impact on those you are choosing to serve.

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Our Public Online Learning Programs

We walk our talk by creating our OWN online programs that engage, inspire and transform our participants. We produce online learning programs for the public in the areas of online course development, growing online learning communities, finding your purpose, and cultivating authentic leadership.Here are the programs that we’ve developed...


LA-6-(1)A 6-Month Training Program To Build Your Online Learning Platform, Launch Lucrative Courses and Grow Your Global Community.

Discover and implement a proven system to expand your reach, grow your business,
and become a global messenger for an evolving world.

The next Launch Academy program will be getting underway in May 2018. You will be joining other aspiring online teachers and entrepreneurs, working closely with Chris Kyle and his team, to build out your online learning platform. Participants will also collaborate with each other to strengthen their offerings and support each other in the launches of their new online courses.

The program includes live group video calls with Chris each month, 1-on-1 sessions, Expert Faculty sessions, an optional inspiring 2 day in-person Launch It! retreat, and a wealth of materials including templates, forms, samples for ALL aspects of creating an effective and successful online course launch.

Go to the Course Information Page to learn more about the program and pre-register for 2018. Make this year be the one where you take your teaching and your business to the next level by offering transformative and lucrative online courses and grow your community.

Go here: www.launchacademycourse.com



fdhdfhdfhThis unique 4-day summit hosted by John Gray, Chris Kyle and Arjuna Ardagh included twelve powerful conversations with 24 accomplished men about what it means to be a conscious man in today’s world. It’s one of the most critical conversations of this decade.

The 12 themes for the summit included… He Knows His Mission and Purpose, He Knows How to Take Space Gracefully, He Knows How to Love Deeply, He Listens Like the Sky, He Stands By His Brother, He Keeps His Word, and others.

The renowned speakers included: John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods), Michael Beckwith (Agape International founder), Gay Hendricks (author of Conscious Loving), Jack Canfield (creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series), Ivan Misner (founder of BNI), Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth), Yakov Smirnoff (globally renown comedian), Mantak Chia (Taoist Master, The Multi-Orgasmic Man), Andrew Harvey (Institute for Sacred Activism), and more.


sdgsdgsdgThe 5-day Power of Purpose Summit ran for 2 years in a row and featured more than 30 of the world’s top purpose experts sharing their insights, wisdom and tools around how to ignite your power, creativity and clarity through living your purpose.

Speakers included Ken Wilber, John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Dan Millman, Janet Bray-Attwood, Tim Kelley, Claire Zammit, Richard Leider, John Wood, Susan Bratton, Charles Eisenstein, Bill Plotkin and more.

Explore at: Power of Purpose Summit page


dddThe Man on Purpose Online Course supports men on their journey to discover, boldly claim and live their unique purpose in the world.

This program helps men to tap into a new source of power to fuel their purpose, while clearing the blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of their ability to make a difference in the world through their purpose.

The meta-narrative of the course is the Hero’s Journey. Each man in the program is supported to go on his own Hero’s Journey into his calling, onto the adventure, then the resistance to the call, the ordeal and then to the boon and confidence that he takes back home.

Quote from a course participant: “This whole Man on Purpose course experience has been a blessing for me, so perfectly timed and just what I needed to get moving forward again. It raised my awareness that many others are on a path toward authentic, open-hearted and purposeful living, and thus solidified my goals for a new way of living.” — Loren A.

Explore at: Man on Purpose Course