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Create and Launch Your Online Course to Grow Your Impact & Your Income.


Discover a proven step-by-step system for launching your profitable, “A-Level” online course while sharing your message authentically and staying true to your values.



Deep down in your heart, you know you’re a Changemaker.

You’re here to change lives and create opportunities for transformation with your message. You’re ready to truly light up the world with your expertise and passion…

So imagine reaching thousands of people around the world with your content and offerings.

Imagine tapping a source of unlimited income potential for your business.

And imagine offering your teaching content online without compromising the transformative experience for your students.

If you resonate with this, then you’re ready to take your teaching to the next level…to step into your fullest potential as a global teacher. 

All around the world there are personal development teachers, authors, speakers, coaches and content experts, just like you, who are taking their teachings online and finding an unprecedented level of success.

Here’s the the online learning arena continues to explode most teachers are overwhelmed by the jungle of platforms, technologies, marketing approaches, products and analytics available to them.

And this makes it nearly impossible to know where to start when it comes to building successful, highly-engaging and lucrative online courses.

And on top of that, translating experiential or transformational content into an online format can be challenging (at best) for even the most seasoned teacher.

Sadly, most give up before they really get started. Or some dive in and get poor results.

It’s easy to see why…without a proven roadmap to navigate this online jungle, it’s too easy for a good teacher or expert to get lost, needlessly wasting time and money while struggling to build their platform from scratch.

Having a proven structure and process to create, market and deliver a successful online course is critical for you…and necessary for a great student experience.

Why is Offering an Online Course Critical to Your Success?


The learning landscape has changed dramatically in just the last few years. More and more people are expecting to engage with teachers/experts and their content in an online format.

It's been predicted that in 2023 over 75% of ALL classes are being held online. That’s in K-12, colleges, technical learning, corporate learning, and personal development… everything!

And...the e-learning market is estimated to hike from $300 billion in 2021 to $1 trillion by 2027 (2021 Global Market Insights, E-Learning Market report).

What does this mean for you?

  • If you haven’t yet made the full commitment to creating and launching a well-crafted online course…it’s time to begin. I’m sure you know this, but we know it can be daunting to just dive in and get started. 
  • If you want to continue to make a big difference in people’s lives, grow your community and students globally, and significantly increase your income... then offering online courses is the BEST way to accomplish all of this.

Here's the Key...

Doing it the RIGHT way makes a huge difference in both your impact and your income. And committing to getting the support and coaching you need to create your "A-Level" course is the first most important step...

Introducing a powerful step-by-step training program for creating and successfully launching your online course...

Launch Academy


Launch Academy is a comprehensive online training program taught by eLearning expert Chris Kyle. It gives you a proven system to create YOUR transformative and lucrative online course so you can expand your reach, grow your income, and become a global messenger for an evolving world.

Launch Academy gives you ALL the teaching content, tools, templates, frameworks, and coaching support—all in an engaged learning community—to create your "A-Level" online course and launch it successfully. 

 And best of all – you get to go through it at your own pace!


My Personal Story and Invitation to You…

There was a day many years ago, where I said to myself… this sucks and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I was frustrated and confused about the process and felt stuck. 

A part of me wanted to just give up on the whole thing. 

What was I doing? I was creating my very first online course!

And I was doing it back in the Stone Age of the online learning world (circa 2010). There was no Zoom, no Kajabi, no Thrive Cart – basically very little tech to make the course launch process easier. 

I was learning through trial-and-error that was painful, costly and headache producing. 

But I persevered, and I found awesome coaching just in the nick of time that helped me avoid big mistakes and get much better results. 

As I began to help others launch their courses (as well as my own) I made the commitment to take what I’d learned over the years (in the trenches and through my coaches) and create a repeatable Course Creation System that people could simply follow step-by-step to get amazing results for their course launches. 

I’ve been helping teachers, authors, speakers, and change agents — just like you — build and launch transformative online courses for over 13 years now.

As an educator, coach and eLearning expert, my passion is empowering course creators to light up the world with their they can impact more lives and make a great living doing it.

My coaching and training programs have helped a wide variety of aspiring ‘global messengers’ create highly successful and engaging online learning programs while expanding their reach around the world.

I’ve helped my clients and students generate over $5.5 million dollars in course launch revenue.

Along the way I’ve coached and advised a wide variety of globally-known teachers with their online programs including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Dr. John Gray, Arielle Ford, Terry Patten, Linda Fitch, Robert Augustus Masters, and Dr. Cindy McGovern…to name just a few.

But what excites me the most is helping up and coming teachers that have a powerful message to share with the world (that’s you)…to craft their powerful online course and successfully launch it to raving-fan students.  

So join me and like-minded changemakers in Launch Academy to launch courses you can be proud of and that can shift your entire business. 

~ Chris



Chris Kyle

Founder and CEO of Launch Academy

Transformative and  Lucrative…


You don’t have to ‘sell out’ to have both a transformative AND lucrative online course.

I’ll personally guide you, along with my trained team, to create online courses that are:

Authentic in their messaging and marketing… so you can be true to your teaching values

Highly engaging and transformative... so your students rave about it

Delivered effectively using best-of-class technologies... so it’s easier on you and a better experience for your students

Promoted consciously and effectively... so you can fill your programs with the ‘right’ students

Financially lucrative for you


I saw the challenges that up-and-coming teachers were having in the online learning arena, so that’s why I decided to create Launch Academy — a proven and ‘field-tested’ training program to empower teachers and experts with a course launch system that makes the process of building online courses way easier and more successful.


By the end of the Launch Academy program, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to launch an effective, transformative and lucrative online course. And you’ll be growing your community of learners across the planet too!


You’ll create this within a powerful community of other like-minded teachers and experts who will be your support during the program and beyond.


Putting ALL the Pieces Together: Your Integrated Launch System

I'll personally guide you through the online course creation process utilizing our 4 Essential Elements Model so you can offer an online curriculum that transforms your students and provides you a powerful base for teaching globally and increasing your income.

The 4 Essential Elements:

  • Transformative Content for a better student learning experience
  • Enrolling Messaging that attracts lots of the “right” students
  • Effective & Converting Marketing for FILLING UP your course
  • Engagement-oriented Technology to increase connection and motivation

Meet some first-time course creators who had successful launches...

This is just a small sample of the successes that authors, teachers, experts and heart-centered entrepreneurs have had with their FIRST-EVER online course launch. Launch Academy is where they got started.

Christina Pratt

Energy Body Mastery

Students: 220

Countries: 20+ 

Course price: $297

Revenue: $65,340

Dipika Delmenico

The Radiant Woman

Students: 45 

Countries: 6 

Course price: $297

Revenue: $13,365

Steven Kessler

Understanding Yourself

Students: 91 

Countries: 14 

Course price: $297

Revenue: $27,027

Lena Swanson

Communicating with Animals

Students: 115

Countries: 10 

Course price: $297

Revenue: $34,155

Wolfgang Bischoff

Piercing the Pearl of Wisdom

Students: 77

Countries: 12 

Course price: $297

Revenue: $22,869

Daren Starwynn

Quantum Healing

Students: 22

Countries: 5

Course Price: $1995

Revenue: $43,890

What You’ll Learn in Launch Academy 

Module 1: Create Your Customized Launch Roadmap

In our first module, we’ll be exploring the factors that make an online course effective and successful — both for the student experience and for you financially. And we’ll focus on the first two building blocks: 1) your teaching Vision Statement; and 2) your Online Curriculum Roadmap. In this module you’ll discover:

  • The critical Success Factors for creating, marketing and delivering an “A-level” online course
  • How to create your Teaching Vision Statement and your Online Curriculum Roadmap
  • The Launch Academy Master Dashboard that will hold all the details for your course launches
  • Defining the support you’ll need to be successful with your course launch (i.e. virtual assistant, program coordinator, etc.)

Module 2: Define Your Course Avatar

In this module, we’ll take the first step into the Course Development Framework process by exploring WHO you are creating the course for — that being your ideal student or “Avatar.” Here we flip the conventional thinking on it's head and focus not just on your course content, but rather on what moves and motivates your Avatar, the person who is paying to be in your course (get it). You’ll discover:

  • The Course Development Framework, a step-by-step process for translating your teaching content into a transformative learning experience while simultaneously defining the components of your authentic marketing message
  • How to fully and deeply understand your ideal student, the “Avatar” for your course
  • How to use the Fears/Frustrations and Aspiration/Wants Grids to better understand the concerns and motivations of your Avatar
  • How to translate this raw information into the core messaging for your course

Module 3: Design Your Course

In this module you'll learn how to apply all of your learning about your Avatar to defining the transformation that is possible for your participants in the course. And you’ll begin the process of creating your Authentic Messaging Blueprint that forms the core of how you will talk about your course in ALL of your materials. Then you’ll create your course outline after this work is done. You’ll discover:

  • How to develop your Authentic Messaging Blueprint so you know the best way to speak directly and effectively to your core audience
  • How to develop your online course content in concert with your marketing message — they are not separate, they are interwoven
  • How to best structure and describe your course content using the Course Outline Template
  • How to conduct Avatar Interviews to help you finalize your Authentic Messaging Blueprint

Module 4: Write Your Copy and Marketing Plan

In this module you’ll translate your Authentic Messaging Blueprint into the various pieces of high-converting copy you’ll need for your launch. You will define your Marketing Plan, which will include the process of finding the right marketing partners to help spread the word about your course. You’ll discover:

  • How to create your Launch Marketing Plan which includes defining your Marketing Funnel, the email campaigns, partner commitments, online advertising and social media campaigns
  • How to translate your core messaging (from your Authentic Messaging Blueprint) into copy for your emails and web pages, especially for your free online event (webinar) and course Sales Page
  • How to define, approach and track your Marketing Partners (aka JV or Affiliate Partners) using the Partners Tracking tab in your Master Dashboard

Module 5: Build Your Launch Pages

Having the right visual ‘look and feel’ to represent your offering is key to attracting your potential students and having them say a big YES to your course. In this module we’ll dive into the creative design aspects of creating your Launch Pages (webinar page and course sales page) that you’ll need to market and sell your course. You'll also learn about the tech platform to launch your course. You’ll discover:

  • How to build your Launch Pages, and create your other marketing materials
  • How to integrate all your marketing copy with your page design to create effective launch pages
  • How to assemble your Partner Media Kit to equip your marketing partners with the materials they need to reach the widest possible audience
  • How to put together your Technology Platform including: email marketing and database, payment gateway, and course delivery platform

Module 6: Create a Powerful Free Preview Event

A critical aspect of a successful online course launch is being able to attract your especially-for audience, your Avatar, into your “Free Preview Event” (i.e. your webinar or training). In this module, you’ll decide on the best content to teach in your Preview Event so that it’s a natural lead-in to your course. You’ll also craft your Free Preview Event script including how you share the 'offer' of your course. You’ll discover:

  • How to define your content and marketing copy for your Free Preview Event so it is a natural and compelling lead-in to your course
  • How to write an effective Preview Event script for your launch using the Preview Event Formula to increase conversions into your paid program
  • How to apply your Authentic Messaging Blueprint to the creation of your Preview Event registration page, and to the email copy you’ll need for your partners and you 

Module 7: Manage Your Launch Campaign

In this module, you'll fine-tune the offer for your course, and understand how to convert leads into sales. You'll learn how to implement your Marketing Plan, including the tactics and management of your email and social media campaigns. We’ll also dive into the final component of added value for your online course — your Bonus Package. You’ll discover:

  • How to define and set up your email and social media campaigns 
  • How to best construct the hottest Bonus Package for your course sales page
  • How to implement your Course Selling Sequence using our spreadsheet template (email, social media and ad campaigns and JV Partner management)
  • How to plan for a ‘Pilot or Soft Launch’ of your course so you can test all of your systems and get helpful feedback on your content and delivery from your participants

Module 8: Deliver Your Course

In our final module, we put it ALL together to create a great onboarding experience for your participants, and then LAUNCH the first session of your course. We’ll focus on finalizing your content and all your course materials, and then set-up all the systems and technologies to deliver an engaging and interactive course experience for your students. You’ll discover:

  • How to create your online Course Delivery Plan that focuses on the practices, homework and cohort engagement activities that make for a transformative experience
  • How to build out your Course Website or portal using your chosen back-end technology for this such as AccessAlly, Teachable or Kajabi (or others)
  • The best way to integrate all your delivery technologies into a powerful learning experience including video calls, teaching videos, and course PDF materials
  • How to establish a Course Communication Plan for all participants

Ready to Create Your Course?



What People are Saying about Chris and Launch Academy...

Launch Academy guided me step-by-step through the  process of a successful course launch...making even the tough parts completely doable. The program kicked me into gear and made it all happen. For my “Pilot Launch” I ended up with 52 people from 9 different countries, grossing more than $15,000...which totally blew me away! Anyone with teaching content or expertise to share with the world would benefit from using Launch Academy as their launch pad...the system works!


Creator of Integrative Wellness Facilitator

Working with Chris has been amazing. He has been supportive and honouring of our teaching and has helped us to articulate it in a way that feels authentic to us and spreads the message to a wider, global audience. We were delighted to have over 1200 people from over 50 countries register for our first launch webinar, with more than 550 people showing up live. What is unique about Chris is that he has the technical knowledge, launch system and copywriting brilliance plus a deep care for his clients and respect for our teaching.


Creators of The Flow Experience

After completing Launch Academy I thought to myself...I'm SO glad I didn't try to figure this all out on my own. This training  shows you exactly what you need to do, and when you need to do it, so you can be completely prepared for your launch without the last-minute scrambling.  I can honestly say the launch experience has been completely stress-free, and it feels almost effortless. If you follow the roadmap Chris has developed for Launch Academy, you will finally get your course launched...successfully!


Creator of Guide Your Tribe

I'd been teaching courses in person for many years and was ready to add teaching online, but found the prospect overwhelming. How do I attract students? What software do I use? Where do I start? In Launch Academy, Chris walks you through the entire process, step-by-step. I followed the steps and had a big, successful launch: 91 students and revenues over $26,000. And now I have a template for how to turn my knowledge into income for the rest of my life. I'm very careful about what I recommend to my students, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Launch Academy.


Creator of Understanding Yourself & Others  

Success Stories from Launch Academy Participants


How Launch Academy Works and What You’ll Receive


Guiding You Through a Step-by-Step Course Launch Process.

You will be guided through every step of the process of creating AND launching your online course. You’ll be fully supported in the program through comprehensive course materials including training videos (3 per module), templates, tools, and other resource documents. And you’ll get laser coaching with Chris on the Inner Circle Group Coaching calls (on Zoom); and you’ll have learning interactions with your fellow participants during the live calls and in the private Launch Academy Facebook group.

And you’ll also be learning from Expert Faculty members who are committed to your long-term success. You’ll have a team of people behind you making sure you have everything you need for your successful launch!

24 Training & Tutorial Videos (3 per Module)

The training videos are split into 2 categories for each module: one general teaching video; and then two practical tutorial videos related to the key elements or tools of the module. You’ll get over 20 hours of video instruction.

You'll get clear instructions for each module via these videos as well as the documents and templates that go along with them. This allows us to spend more time coaching, answering questions and brainstorming on the live calls.

You'll have Lifetime Access to these videos and all the other course materials.

Custom Course Website

You’ll have access to all the course materials and resources via our private, customized Course Website.

Because you'll have Lifetime Access to the Launch Academy course website, you can easily go back and reference the materials and the videos as you do your second and third launches (and beyond).

All of the special bonuses in the course will be available in the course site as well.

Launch Toolkit

The Launch Toolkit includes Templates, Copy Samples, Checklists, and Planning Tools to help make your launch planning and implementation much easier, and your marketing campaign more effective. 

The templates will help you at every step of the process and save you a ton of time and headaches. The sample copy templates for your emails and your landing pages will be extremely helpful too.

Private Facebook Group

This will be your home for all ongoing connection with your peers in the course during AND after the program. It’s a place to share ideas and resources and stay connected with your fellow ‘Launchies’ -- for practical and moral support.

This is a private Facebook group and is by invitation only for Launch Academy participants.

Concierge Support

You’ll receive a high-level of personalized customer care and support from Chris and his team throughout your work in the course. We’ll respond promptly to any questions you may have, and provide resources to you, if needed.

We will also be able to answer all of your questions on our bi-monthly Inner Circle group calls, which will provide you additional support.

Check Out the Course BONUSES Worth $11,974!



($5,000 value)

You’ll get 6 months FREE of the Inner Circle group coaching calls -- 2 calls per month with Chris and other Launch Academy participants. You’ll receive coaching on whatever part of the course creation process you’re working on. You’ll also get insights and feedback from other course participants on these Zoom calls. The calls will help you stay on track with the work in creating your course. You can continue these calls if you choose for a special monthly rate. All calls will be recorded for you to watch if you missed it live.



($1,800 value)

Not a designer or tech person? No problem.  

You’ll receive these Easy-To-Edit tested and proven webinar registration page and course sales page templates for you or your team member to upload and easily edit on our preferred tech platform.

These templates follow the Launch Academy way of launching your online course.


Supercharge Your Course Creation with the Ultimate AI Platform

($1,500 value)

Our unique and just-released AI course creation platform is built to make you a world-class course creator, which is what we’re all about. Creating A-Level courses is critical for you to truly stand out and to have greater success. With LA's AI Platform, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge AI features that will transform the way you set up your content, your messaging, and how you market your online programs.

With this new Launch Academy customized bonus, you’ll receive:

  • 3 Months of FREE Access to Launch Academy's AI Platform (with 5 full credits)
  • Special AI Bootcamp Training (Self-Guided, and On-Demand)
  • Exclusive LIVE Zoom Workshop with Alessio Pieroni just for Launch Academy students…                                                                                                           so so you can get the most out of the platform and get all your questions answered.


 All the Connections You Need To Grow Your Business

 ($1,274 value)

At Launch Academy we touch on many ways to fill your course with eager participants and the primary focus we dive deepest into is on you developing affiliate marketing partner or joint venture (JV) relationships.

We're partnered with the team at JV Directory to give you access to their platform for 3 months which has over 1,000 experts, coaches, speakers and business owners looking to partner and collaborate in growing each other's online businesses.

The package includes:

  • 3 Months Access to the JV Directory ($174 Value)
  • 3 Monthly Live Networking Calls ($150 Value)

Plus Live Training Classes:

  • "How to Approach Joint Venture Partners Even If You Don't Have a Big Email List ($200 Value)
  • "How To Use Our Joint Venture Directory" ($200 Value)
  • "How To Be Joint Venture Ready" ($200 Value)
  • "How To Get On Podcasts as a Guest and Be Podcast Ready" ($200 Value)

The JV Directory is the perfect place to find like-minded folks to partner with in growing each other's business.


($2,400 value)

I'm honored to have a group of very accomplished online entrepreneurs and teachers to support us in the course by bringing their particular expertise to the table. It’s always powerful to get the deep insights and tips from a true specialist. We’ll be covering these additional important topics in these Launch Academy exclusive live sessions: strategies for list building, creating powerful 'lead magnets', writing high-converting copy, and key techniques for speaking powerfully.

Everything in Launch Academy will be RECORDED, so you’ll never miss any live sessions including the Group Calls and these Expert Faculty calls.



List Building



Lead Magnets







It’s More Than a Course.  It’s a Community!

You'll be part of an engaged, like-minded learning group throughout your time in the course — it’s your Launch Academy Learning & Support Community. We see this as a community-driven course in that you’ll be learning from each other too, supporting each other’s work, and potentially partnering with your fellow participants on your course launches. Many past students have said this was a huge benefit.

You’ll connect and bond with your course-mates during our time together, and surely find ways to help each other be successful. These relationships may last a lifetime.

Ready To Get Started?

More Sharings from Launch Academy Participants

Launch Academy was designed and delivered to teach every participant a comprehensive and in-depth how-to in delivering a highly-effective and transformative online program. Unlike other programs that only teach you part of what you know and then encourage participants to sign-up for add-on services, I found Launch Academy gave me not only the knowledge but the confidence to deliver the high quality program I expect to bring to the market. I have participated in many online programs and this is the gold standard by which I now evaluate other programs!


Creator of Passion Never Retires

Before joining Launch Academy, I had NO idea where to begin or what steps I needed to take to convert my book content into an online course that people would want to take. As the course progressed, my concerns evaporated. Chris provided a step-by-step roadmap for action, and he also modeled what he was teaching. He created a field of learning and support for all of us in the program. We were learning. We were growing. I now have a clear course development system to create a transformational experience that can serve my community ALL over the world!


Speaker and Author of Honorable Closure

If you are wanting to get yourself launched, I don't think there is a better course out there for helping you to comprehend and take the steps that are necessary to do this. Every session was presented impeccably, and built structure on the previous session. Chris and his Expert Faculty were inspiring and methodical. My mentoring sessions with Chris really got the creative juices flowing. I will be integrating and translating the material presented for years to come.


Founder of Spiritwater Gardens

This course provided SO much value, helping me to get really clear on my messaging as I was building my business, writing my first book and engaging on social media. Even though I didn't launch a course in 6 months like I thought I'd do when I first registered, the clarity I got from this work helped me to create other products/content and start building my platform. And I know that when I'm ready to launch my course this year, I'll be much more confident and clear.


Author and Creator of Body Love


Launch Academy is an 8-module training program in which you can move through the course at your own pace. You’ll receive all of the course materials as well as coaching support from e-Learning expert Chris Kyle and his team.


  • 24 Training & Tutorials Videos (8 Modules)
  • Launch Toolkit (Training Docs, Templates, Dashboards)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Concierge Support
  • LIFETIME Access to the Course Website

PLUS This Bonus Package Valued at $11,974:

  • 6 Months of Inner Circle Coaching Calls ($5,000 value)
  • Platform & Training ($1,500 value)
  • 3 Month of the JV Directory ($1,274 value)
  • 4 Expert Faculty Training Sessions ($2,400 value)
  • "Easy-To-Edit" Launch Web Pages ($1,800 value)



1 Payment Option



Now  $1,997



4 Payment Option


 $697 / month

Now $579 / month



Absolutely NO RISK Guarantee: I'm so confident that Launch Academy works that I guarantee it! Simply follow the steps in Launch Academy to create and launch your online course, and if your gross course revenue doesn't exceed your Launch Academy tuition costs we'll refund 100% of your tuition.

All of the details of the Guarantee


Please click on the LiveChat on the bottom right of this page to speak to one of our Support Team members to help you with any questions you may have about Launch Academy. Also, there is a FAQ area at the bottom of this page that may have answers to your questions. Or you can email us at [email protected]. We’re happy to connect with you! 

Getting Your Return on Your Investment...

We realize that Launch Academy may be the most important investment you make this year in taking your teaching and your business to the next level.

Our commitment to you is to ensure that you feel like you have maximized the return on your investment as you take what you learn in the program to launch not only your first online course, but as many other courses and products in the future.

Even with just as few as 25 participants in your intro course, you're likely to make a 2x to 3x return on your investment for the Launch Academy enrollment fee.

With our simple calculation grid, you can see how you are likely to make back your investment in Launch Academy quickly and many-fold over.

* Examples are based on launching a 6 or 7 module intro course with a course fee of $297. Results not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions