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How to Create Transformative & Lucrative Online Courses

In this LIVE hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to turn your knowledge into a successful online course so you can reach more people and increase your income.



Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle
Founder, Launch Academy

Christina Pratt
Creator, Energy Body Mastery 

   Wednesday, Sept. 23rd  11:00am PT /  2:00pm ET

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In this free LIVE 75-minute workshop you'll learn:

  • How to apply the Course Development Framework process to translate your content or expertise into a transformative learning experience to create raving-fan students.
  • How to create your Authentic Messaging Blueprint to speak directly and powerfully to your "ideal participant” — the person who will most benefit from your teachings.
  • The #1 Marketing Strategy that is the most effective way to reach your desired audience and fill up your course.
  • The simple, headache-free and easy-to-use Technology Solution for effectively launching your course.

Meet Chris Kyle

Chris is a teacher, coach and eLearning expert who is committed to helping authors, teachers, experts and entrepreneurs light up the world with their messages. The founder of Launch Academy, a deep-dive online training program that helps participants create and launch their ‘A-level’ online course to a global audience, he is an eLearning coach to some of the most well-known global teachers and mission-driven organizations including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Robert Augustus Masters, Linda Fitch, Evolving Wisdom, Thrive Academy, San Francisco Zen Center, and The ManKind Project.

Chris’ approach kicked me into gear and made it all happen. For my pilot launch I ended up with 52 people from 9  countries, grossing more than $15,000...which totally blew me away!” 
— Adam Lehman, 
Integrative Wellness Facilitator Training

Steven Kessler

“I followed Chris’ launch formula and had a successful launch  with 91 students and sales over $28,000. And now I have a template for how to turn my knowledge into income for the rest of my life.”
— Steven Kessler,
The 5 Personality Patterns

Chris’s process helped me completely revamp my high-end 12 week online course and I got double the number of people in the course than I expected, and generated over $31,000 in new revenue..”
Lion Goodman,
Clear Beliefs Coach Training

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