Meet Some Global Messengers...


Neale Donald Walsch

Neale is the New York Times bestselling author of the Conversations with God book series, which has been translated into 34 languages, redefined how we 'see God' and shifted spiritual paradigms around the globe. Neale has built and supported a global community that is joining him to help the world move from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity, and from anger to love.

Neale made the decision to turn his seminal Conversation with God books into a live multi-week online course. We worked closely with Neale, utilizing our Brand DNA Process, to shape the content of his books into a transformative online learning experience that could engage a community of learners from around the world.

We helped Neale navigate the technology choices for the delivery of his course, and created a robust marketing campaign for the launch. Chris was the lead on launching Neale's course while he was Chief Development Officer at Evolving Wisdom, the online learning company hosting Neale's online offerings. Neale has since launched two other successful online courses.

The Online Course

Conversations with God: The Essential 7-Week Online Course
Discover the 7 Steps Out of Suffering and Into Limitless Love, Prosperity and Joy

The Launch Outcome

For Neale’s first launch of the course, we enrolled more than 1,000 participants from over 40 countries in this $297 live program, earning nearly $300,000 in his first launch. Neale held teaching sessions and live interactive Q&As each week during the course. He continues to launch this live course 2-3 times per year, and he's now created an evergreen digital version of this course for people to take any time between his live launches.

Course Link

Conversations with God Online Course


Shakti Malan, Ph.D.

Shakti has a profound passion for the feminine, and believes that the awakening of female sexual energy is a key to the spiritual awakening of the world in our day. She has been facilitating the discovery of female sexual energy to thousands of women across the planet for more than a decade.

She is the author of Sexual Awakening for Women, a practical and powerful guide to support women in discovering the deep feminine, and to open to their true magnificence in deep resonance with the masculine. She teaches globally and lives both in South Africa and the United States.

Shakti was starting to burn-out traveling all across the planet to teach her programs — from South Africa to Europe, Australia to the UK and the United States. So she decided it was time to engage her growing global community through online learning programs so she could maintain the connection with her students on a monthly basis with far less travel.

We helped her build a comprehensive multi-course curriculum for her work that included an introductory 7-week online course, and also deeper-dive online intensives of 9 and 12 months.

The Online Courses

Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence
A 7-Week Online Course to Initiate Your True Sexual Flowering

Sexual Awakening for Women Intensive and Certification
An 9-Month Personal Intensive to Embody Feminine Sexual Essence
A 12-Month Facilitators Training to Share Your Gifts

The Launch Outcomes

Shakti launched her 7-week live online course in the fall and enrolled 205 women in the program based on an email list of just 2,300 people and a social media following of about 2,500. Participants were from 19 countries, and she grossed over $65,000 on this first online program. She then launched her Sexual Awakening for Women Intensive & Certification (9 and 12 months) following the 7-week intro course, and had 100 women register for these longer programs, grossing $167,000. And now Shakti has a growing community of senior students who are supporting her with some of her other online offerings.

Course Links

Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence
Sexual Awakening for Women Intensive