No Risk Guarantee

The Launch Academy No Risk Money Back Guarantee is described in FULL here.

The No Risk Guarantee:

"Follow the steps in Launch Academy to create and launch your online course, and if your gross course revenue doesn't exceed your Launch Academy tuition costs we'll refund 100% of your tuition. You must do all of the work in the program and follow the template of this launch system to be eligible for this guarantee.”

Additional Definitions and Description:
Your tuition is the amount you pay to be a participant in Launch Academy. So, if you received any discounts or scholarships from Chris Kyle or Launch Academy, then your tuition is the NET amount that you paid.

If you choose to request a refund, then you will need to provide documentation of your program structure and campaign, all promotional and marketing efforts, affiliate partner communications, and all sales related reports from your payment gateway system.

Defining “Doing the Work”
You must either participate live or listen to the recordings of ALL the teaching sessions of this program, and do all the homework and assignments asked for by Chris Kyle or the course syllabus. You must also follow the launch model laid out in Launch Academy in creating your program content, and promoting, marketing and delivering your online learning program. And you are required to reach out to Affiliate or Promotional Partners to support your marketing efforts of the course through email blasts, social media posts and other forms of promotion.

The Timeframe of the Guarantee
You have up to 3 months after the end of the Launch Academy to be eligible for a refund under this Guarantee. After 3 months from the last teaching session of Launch Academy, you will no longer be eligible for this guarantee and waive any rights to reclaiming your tuition based on this guarantee.

If you have any questions about this guarantee, you can send an email us at support@chriskyle.com.

Updated  4/30/2018